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This lovely table runner is made in our lush Tropicana collection, an amalgamation of previous “Shangri La” and “Fatal Attraction” collections, focusing on the flora of Penang and the natural phenomena Aposematism, when creatures take on bright colours to indicate their toxicity. This magenta and burnt orange version features some of Aase’s favourite plants; the Lipstick Palm, Birds Nest Fern, Lobster Claw Plant, and Ginger Flower. It also features a poison dart frog and three beautiful beetles. It is called ‘Fame’ because of the resemblance to how foliage looks during a 'flaming' sunset.

Organic Cotton Table Runner - Tropicana Flame

SKU: HW-HP-008
Only 2 left in stock
  • It measures 34cm x 160cm / 13.5″ x 63″ It is made from 100% organic cotton It can be machine washed at up to 60 degrees, tumble dried (though might loose its lustre more quickly), and ironed on a hot steam setting. Made in the UK.
    Made in United Kingdom

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