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  • 100% Silk Premium Pillowcase. 1 pillowcase per package Retail packaging in a matte gusseted pillowbox with gold foil.
  • PVC lined window on the front of the package allows customers to see the exact color while protecting the pillowcase.
  • Product information on the back in English, French (Canadian) and Spanish.
  • Fold over envelope enclosure ensures the pillow will not slip out. 22mm premium mulberry silk on both sides of the pillowcase.
  • OEKO-TEX certified (Certification HKWO 055875) ensures every part of this pillowcase has been made with materials that exceed international standards for safety.
  • This includes the processing and dying of the silk.


Care Instructions


-Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle or hand wash cold.
Preferable to use a delicates bag if machine washing
-Do not wash with rough fabrics (jeans, velcro, buttons, towels etc.) as these fabrics can cause friction damage to the silk

-Do not use bleach of ANY kind, bleach can strip the silk of the amino acids and fibroins that are part of it's anti-aging and anti-frizz properties

-Gentle, PH balanced and non-fragranced detergent is best. Do not use dish soap, shampoos or other detergents and cleaners as this can damage the silk fibers



-Laying flat or hang on a smooth rod (ie: shower curtain rod, please check for anything sharp that may rip the fabric)
-If machine drying please use the lowest temperature setting and do not over dry. Heat is one of the biggest factors in the loss of amino acids and proteins present in silk


-Ironing is not recommended. Most times the silk will smooth out any wrinkles from washing or packaging after the first few days of use on a pillow

-If you must iron, use the lowest possible setting, do not use steam, and do not over iron. As stated above, heat is one of the biggest factors in the loss of amino acids and proteins present in silk


 Made in China

Silkki - 100% Natural Silk Pillowcase/Sham - Lightest Ivory

SKU: SW_SP_002
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